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Are Bed Bugs Biting In Your Southern Utah Home?

When bed bugs get into your house, they make life unbearable. Waking up covered in itchy bites is unpleasant, but the real toll comes to your emotional health. Bed bugs cause stress and insomnia to anyone who has the misfortune of having to deal with them. If you suspect bed bugs are in your Beaver County, Iron County, or Washington County, Utah home, Premier Pest Control offers effective bed bug control services to eliminate them.

Our Bed Bug Control Offerings

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Premier Pest Control offers free bed bug inspections to our customers. Bed bugs are good at hiding and are sometimes mistaken for other pests. Let one of our trained technicians inspect your home to determine whether you have a bed bug infestation or not.

We offer two main treatment options and will recommend the one that will work better for your particular situation.

Heat Treatments

Heat treatments raise the temperature in your home to a certain level and keep it there for the specific amount of time needed to kill bed bugs in all stages of development. Heat treatments work well for large infestations, especially because heat can reach into every area of your house, including inside the walls.

Liquid Treatments

Liquid treatments are ideal for smaller infestations, and we can do them on a room-by-room basis. We’ll check all areas of the room and spot treat them as needed, wherever we find activity. We’ll also steam affected areas for added success. A follow-up treatment is performed about two weeks after the initial treatment.

We Eliminate Bed Bugs –  Guaranteed!

When you choose Premier Pest Control, you get bed bug control that is guaranteed to eliminate your infestation. Our bed bug control comes with a warranty that does not cover new infestations but does ensure that your current infestation has been entirely eradicated. If you think bed bugs have invaded your house, contact us to schedule a free inspection.


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