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fire ants crawling on an ant hill

Why Is It So Hard To Get Fire Ants Out Of My St. George Yard?

July 16, 2020

Much attention is given to these tiny backyard hooligans, but what you may not know is that ants are very hard to remove from a yard – and year-round residences, too! The famous fire ant is a thing of local legend for its high-strung nature, territorial behavior, and fiery stings. Approximately 2 – 6 millimeters at maturity, fire ants appear to be dark red or brown in coloration. Their long thoraxes, identifiable mandibles, and six... Read More

a taranula hawk wasp pollinating a flower

What Experts In St. George Have To Say About Wasp Control

May 13, 2020

Some pests are frustrating to deal with because they sting or bite. One pest that many people hate dealing with is wasps. This is because they can sting people, and these stings can be painful, and, in some cases, result in dangerous allergic reactions.... Read More

a carpenter ant walking on the ground

Secret To Protecting Your St. George Home From Ants

April 17, 2020

In St. George, there are many pests that you might deal with inside your home. The warm climate creates a place for many pests to thrive including spiders and rodents. Another common pest in the area is the ant. Ants can be rather gross to deal with because they often contaminate food as they are attracted to both human and pet food. While there are different species that you might encounter, almost all of them can contaminate your food source... Read More

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