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wolf spider inside a home

How Much Do You Know About Wolf Spiders In St. George?

March 15, 2021

The internet is an amazing place. You can find several Mexican restaurants near you, figure out who won gold in pole vaulting in 1983, and find out the distance from the earth to the moon in just a few minutes. Do you know what you can also use the internet for?... Read More

norway rat inside a home

The Ultimate Rodent Control Guide For St. George Property Owners

December 15, 2020

Various types of rodents are found in southern Utah.  Homeowners must be aware of the potential for these pests to infiltrate your home, create health risks for you and your family, and cause property damage. Those who respond with do-it-yourself options for eliminating rodent infestation are unlikely to succeed; therefore, it is important to promptly contact a local provider of professional pest control services. ... Read More

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