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Protecting Your Utah Home From Harmful Pests

Pest control tends to be one of those things you don’t think about until you suddenly discover pests in your house. Although eliminating active pest infestations is a large part of what we do here at Premier Pest Control, we also provide preventative protection to keep your home free from our area's toughest pests in the long-term. No matter what type of service you’re looking for, we look forward to serving you. If you live in Beaver County, Washinton County, Iron County, and the surrounding area, contact us to get started!


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Our Home Pest Control Process

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Our process begins with an extensive initial visit. Before providing any treatment, we’ll inspect your home from top to bottom in order to understand the unique pest pressures you face, then develop a plan customized for your house.

Once we develop your customized plan, we’ll provide a thorough treatment of your home. We treat light fixtures, windows, doors, and chimneys. We focus on the exterior of your house to make it impenetrable to pests by treating the entire base, four feet up, and four feet out. We also spot treat areas of your yard.

Our initial treatment typically eliminates about 75% of the active adult pests on your property. It’s common to notice increased pest activity after the initial visit. This activity is due to the surviving pests looking for new areas of harborage.

We perform follow-up treatments regularly after the initial treatment. We’ll return to your home a month after the initial visit to eliminate the remaining pests and break up egg cycles. We’ll then return on a bi-monthly basis to maintain the level of protection your home needs to stay free of pests in the long-term.

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To provide you with the customized care you deserve, we begin by thoroughly inspecting your home. Determining your current pest pressures allows us to tailor a plan to your specific needs.

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Your initial treatment provides top to bottom coverage of your home to eliminate the majority of pests from your house and keep other pests from getting inside.

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Follow Up

Your follow-up treatments eliminate any remaining pests that were left behind during the initial treatment. They also ensure no new pests can get inside.

Our Additional Pest Control Services

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Some pests require specialized treatments specific to them and their habits. If you have one of these pests in your house, Premier Pest Control can help. Please visit the individual service page to learn more about each service.

Our additional pest control services include the following:

The Premier Pest Control Promise

As pest experts, the pros at Premier Pest Control are committed to exceeding every expectation you have of us. Pests occasionally return between regular visits, but you don’t have to worry. With our service guarantee, we will return to your house to protect and take care of your family at no extra charge.


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