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What Do You Do When Rodents Get In Your Washington County Home?

No one likes to have bugs get into their house, and many insects cause serious problems for homeowners, but there’s something even worse about having rodents get into your home. Rodents cause a host of issues, from damaging your house to making your family sick or injuring even them. Getting rid of a rodent infestation on your own is rarely effective, but thankfully, Premier Pest Control offers rodent control that works.

Our Rodent Control Offerings

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We offer free rodent inspections. Although many homeowners are aware of the infestation before contacting us, we have the experience to help determine how widespread the infestation is and how the rodents are getting inside.


Premier Pest Control offers several treatment options for rodents. We typically begin by placing monitors that allow us to track rodent activity and identify the type of rodent before moving to the elimination phase. These monitors help us provide you with the best kind of treatment for your specific infestation.

After we’ve monitored and confirmed an infestation, we’ll place tamper-resistant bait stations in specific locations where we know there is activity. The bait we use is appealing to rodents, but not to pets, and the tamper-resistant bait boxes keep curious children safe.

Depending on the location of the infestation, we also offer trapping services. Although traps are not always as effective as bait, they allow us more control over where the rodents die. We’ll inspect the traps regularly to help us understand activity levels and target the hotspots to eliminate the infestation as quickly as possible.


Once we have eliminated the infestation, it’s often necessary to sanitize the areas where the rodents spent their time. We use the highest quality disinfectants, sanitizers, and virucides, to treat and clean all contaminated areas, including drains and wall voids.


To keep rodents from getting back inside your house, you must seal up their entry points. We offer exclusion services for all levels of your home. Our exclusion work comes with a one-year warranty.

Say Goodbye To Problem Rodents

Rodents are pests that you do not want in your house. When they get inside, it’s vital to eliminate them as quickly as possible in order to minimize the damage they cause. Premier Pest Control’s rodent control will get the job done efficiently and effectively. For rodent control in Beaver County, Iron County, and Washington County, contact us to schedule a free inspection.


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