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Empty Factory

Available Services


Making sure your food is clean and safe from harmful pests is one of biggest responsibilities for restaurants. See how we can protect you and your customers.

Office Buildings

No one wants to see pests crawl on their desk when they are working. Our plans are designed to  make sure the building is pristine both inside and out.


One of the last things parents want is to find bug bites on their students. That is why use products that are the most pet and family friendly to get the job done.


Cleanliness is probably one of the biggest reasons why people choose to stay at specific hotels. Our coverage is designed to give hotel owners peace of mind to not worrying about their guests seeing pets in their rooms. 


No warehouse is too small or too large for us. See how we can protect your employees and the products you store. 

Air BnB & Rentals

If you have a second home or rental in St. George then you need to make sure you are covered when you can't always be there. Our Rental services are quick & easy and designed to make sure everything is covered 365 days a year.


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