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Eaves Treatment

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If you are looking for La Verkin pest control services then that means you might be seeing the more common pests are your home like ants, spiders, rodents, wasps cockroaches, and or termites. As one the highest rated pest control companies we have found that our all in one pest service is what creates the most peace of mind for our customers. That for whatever they see in or outside their home they will be covered. And in the event that pests pop up out of the ordinary, they know we will come back as many times as it takes to get the job done and no extra costs. 

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What We Specialize In


Can be found throughout the year. More common in the walls or where wood is exposed in your home or property. Some of easy things to identify termites are If the wood feels week or easily breaks.


Spiders are another very common pest that can be found all year round. During warmer months they can be found in eaves and trying to find ways into house like the garage to escape the heat. During the colder months they care commonly found inside the walls of the home,


Rodents like mice and rats are common throughout the entire year both inside and outside the home. Very common around new construction areas which is very prevalent to southern utah.

Ear Wigs

Ear Wigs are also very common during the warmer months. Very common in gardens because they mostly eat plants or other organic materials.


Ants are extremely common throughout the whole year. Some of the most common places they can be found are the lawn, kitchen, and the bathrooms.


Cockroaches are most common in the warmer months. During extreme heat they will try anything to flood the inside of a  home to find water, food, and shelter.


Wasps are more common throughout the warmer months. That is because during the winter they hibernate in undisturbed places. During the spring summer when the come out and build their nests and become more active. During this time is the most opportune time to properly get rid of them. 


Scorpions mostly come out during the summer in the desert or in hotter climates. Like other insects they try to flood the home in search of food, water, and shelter to survive the extreme heat. 

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