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Our Service Breakdown

Premium BiMonthly Services

$3 / A Day *

Eaves Treatment

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Rodents Protection

Termites Protection System

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$1.50 / A Day *

Eaves Treatment

Front & Backyard Services

Interior & Exterior Services

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How Does Our Service Work?

Scheduled Services For 

The First Year


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Unlimited Protection All Year Round

Every Other Month


Our base service starts out at 6 services a year. It starts with the initial service, which is a very in-depth inspection and deep cleaning to make sure we seal all the cracks and crevices inside and outside the home.  After the initial service, we schedule your home to be serviced once a season moving forward.  


It is very common to see things come out after the initial service. That is why we come back around 30 days after the Initial service because the average egg cycle for pests are a few weeks. This 30 Day Follow is the first regular service.

The Premier Promise

In the event you see things out of the ordinary, you can schedule us to come out as many times as you need until the problem is solved free of charge.

*How Does Billing & Pricing Work?

Our packages are very similar to insurance policies. They are designed to cover your home 365 days a year. Our exact price depends on the square footage and size of the home because each service is individually tailored to each home.  We try our hardest to have our prices be as affordable as possible. The prices listed above are our based prices. But our protection plans start out as little as a dollar a day.

What Do We Cover?

All of our Protection Packages are designed to cover your whole property both inside and out. Our packages cover you from the top of your eaves to the fence line. All Packages cover over hundreds of different pests. But more importantly our aim is to give all of our customers peace of mind that they are covered for everything they could possible encounter.

What's the Difference Between the Packages?

The biggest difference between the base and the premium package is the added Rodents and Termites Protection Guarantee. We found that it saves our customers potentially thousands of dollars preventing Termites and Rodents than it is to get rid of them. That is why we started offering a protection guarantee plan that ensures that when these things do pop up in your home that you are protected and don't have to pay a cent extra. 

What We Specialize In


Can be found throughout the year. More common in the walls or where wood is exposed in your home or property. Some of easy things to identify termites are If the wood feels week or easily breaks.


Spiders are another very common pest that can be found all year round. During warmer months they can be found in eaves and trying to find ways into house like the garage to escape the heat. During the colder months they care commonly found inside the walls of the home,


Rodents like mice and rats are common throughout the entire year both inside and outside the home. Very common around new construction areas which is very prevalent to southern utah.

Ear Wigs

Ear Wigs are also very common during the warmer months. Very common in gardens because they mostly eat plants or other organic materials.


Ants are extremely common throughout the whole year. Some of the most common places they can be found are the lawn, kitchen, and the bathrooms.


Cockroaches are most common in the warmer months. During extreme heat they will try anything to flood the inside of a  home to find water, food, and shelter.


Wasps are more common throughout the warmer months. That is because during the winter they hibernate in undisturbed places. During the spring summer when the come out and build their nests and become more active. During this time is the most opportune time to properly get rid of them. 


Scorpions mostly come out during the summer in the desert or in hotter climates. Like other insects they try to flood the home in search of food, water, and shelter to survive the extreme heat. 

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